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 [smiley=7.gif]Tomorrow will be picking up new blue screamin eagle electra glide, got interessted in bike when I saw it on Harley's web site and started looking for the bike at the local dealers.  Oops - they were all taken but was told I could call dealers in the outter areas to see if I could find one.  No such luck for fifteen calls but on the 16th the dealer in Macon said he had one!!

Two days later (saturday) I was at the dealer and as I entered the showroom I could not see the bike.  I thought it was sold, but when I asked the salesman he said it was in the back and they would get it for me.  Luckly for me it was in the warehouse STILL IN THE CRATE!!  No one had seen the bike since it was the dealers first.  They took it out of the box and the bike instantly drew a croud.  Within a matter of minutes I had bought the bike.  In fact while filling out the paper work two other customers wanted to talk to the salesman about the bike but he told them it was sold!!

My feeling is had the dealer placed the bike on the showroom floor it would have been sold long ago.  I just happened to be the first to ask for one and then follow up on it.  Not only got the bike instantly but saved a couple of thousand off what the dealers in the atlanta area told me they had sold theirs for.

Can't wait to ride this bike.  I have enjoyed the various posts on this board and look forward to getting information from you in the future.   Thanks

I just got mine home today. denfinetly recommend the 9 in. windshield for cold weather works great you still look over the top but most wind is deflected over your head it was 31 degrees the only thing that got cold were my hands. Hopefully get a little warmer weather so I can put a few miles on before the snow flies.

I picked mine up yesterday.
I'm in LUV.... [smiley=6.gif] [smiley=7.gif]

Starvin - Congrats on the new bike, I did not pick mine up today because it rained most of the day and I have to go to Macon to get it (approx 150 miles).  Looks like friday is the next clear day.

I will probably also go for the taller shield.  Did you go for the clear or smoked verson???  Thanks

Got mine for MSRP+ $450 setup/freight ............
I congratulate myself!!!!!!! [smiley=drink.gif]


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