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Picking up New Bike

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96hog - Congratulations, there was not one dealer in the 16 plus that I called in and around Atlanta that quoted msrp even the ones that had already sold there alotment.  You got a very good buy, at one time I had decided that I would not pay over msrp but after making calls to the dealers realized that I was probably not going to get one if I held out.  Anyway its just money!!

Johnny, I got the smoked one, it is only lightly smoked and your not looking through it anyway. All the dealers around here sell for MSRP but the bikes went fast I got the last one of four our dealer got and that was only two days after I first saw them. I put the order in Sept 2
We went through the tour in tomahawk and saw them getting painted it is really an involved process, it takes five days to paint each one.

Thanks,I really got lucky on this one!
Like you I called everywhere with no luck
until I found the bike at the other end
of the state in Ft.Wayne.
Enjoy your ride,,,
She's a bute ;)

Tell us more about what you saw at Tomahawk.
Is the motorcycle completely assembled there?

They don't assemble them at all they just make all the fiberglass parts and do the painting,if you look in your saddle bags you should find a sticker that says tomahawk. Every year the second weekend after labor day they have a rally in town, that is the only time that H.D. has an open house at the factory. They usually get about 20,000 bikes (alot for a small town in northern Wisconsin) Only bikes are allowed on main street after 5:00p.m. and they set up bands on each end of the street, raised $112,000 for MDA this year and the weather was unusually cold and wet. This is also the first time I saw the flhtcse and the line to ride it for the demo ride would have taken about 2 hours when i told the guy from harley i had one ordered he let me in by it and took my picture with me sitting on it. I would like to

Starvin, 96 Hog and guys get your bikes and we don't hear from you anymore.  Come on guys, share the experiences.

They told me that mine will be late Feb. so I have about three months.


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