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Friday Beer Thread

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It's Monday, so after several minutes consideration, it appears it is time to start a Friday Beer Thread.

If you like beer, post what kind(s) you like better than others.  If you do not like beer, my condolences.  If you like non alcoholic beer, post which one is better than the others.

I like Negra Modelo best.  Lately Becks and Shiner appear in the beer fridge regularly as well.


Disclaimer: The author of the first post of the thread known as the "Friday Beer Thread" hereafter referred to as the Party of the First part does not in any way endorse, encourage, or advise the consumption of any beverages at any time.  This thread is for novelty purposes only.  Drinking any beverage while riding, driving, or in the case of the Party of the Second part, walking and/or crawling, is strongly discouraged.  No liabilities are assumed or indicated by any post here or response to this post here by anyone, anywhere, at any time.  In fact, reading this post is discouraged as there is no good reason for it. Proceed at your own risk and with due caution while reading here.  The Party of the First part may or may not consume beverages and any assumption that the Party of the First part will consume any beverage is only that and nothing more.  Reading at your own risk does not indicate an assumption of any liability.  If you have seen or know where the Party of the First Part's Happy Fun Ball is, please return it at the earliest opportunity, if not sooner.  If you are still reading this please stop here. Thank you.

i like a lot of diffrent kinds depnds on my mood. i tend to lean toward IPA and red beers.

i also brew my own  :drink:

I try and not drink any beer until after the school bus runs.

Midnight Rider:
Negra Modelo is one of my favorites, and I like the Especial too. If I'm in a bar, and they know how to do it right, I'll have a Black and Tan every time.  For something different, I'll drink a beer brewed in Georgia called Sweetwater...

Free beer is best of all...

It appears I'll be switching to RedHook since my kid just started working there.............he's buying.


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