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My last 2 weekends project

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I've tried to get someone to paint our shop for the last 3 summers and no one ever comes back with a estimate so I  got a great deal on steel siding and the same color.
Along with my brother in law this is a few pictures of the project.
This is an old picture.

The above is before we started.
I'll add more tonight,  as we should be completely done and if my business name needs to be blacked out please do so

OK here are some progress pictures. Stopped early today, just too much time in the sun, along with the inside corner above the door took along time to make sure it is water tight and looked good.
We still have the 8 inch red band above the office windows and 80 feet of red trim to go under the shop  roof, than pressure wash the block and footing to repaint.

Removing bushes

Getting the siding off


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