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Gents. I have 2013 CVO Road Glide Custom.  I have bought a seat to update the ride quality along with new shocks and fork treatment. My seat has set me back about 2 inches. I need to get that back because being 5'8'' i don't reach the handle bars without a stretch.  Being that a lot of you have changed your bars any help Identifying a good option on what bars and your experience with doing the change will be a great help to me. I'm going to be 68 years young this year and will ride till I drop. Mostly small rides. I don't do much touring anymore. Thanks in advance.  :apple: :jalapeno: :cucumber: :cherry: :coolblue:

For me I found a set of RoadKing bars were very comfortable after putting a solo seat on that moved me back on the bike.

Can you just rotate your current bars back two inches by loosening the pinch bolts?

It appears if i try to rotate my bars back, they will move down and i will still have to lean down to them.. I really don't want to go to the expense of putting new bars on. It appears a new seat will also cost me three times the seat to make the bars comfortable again. 10 year old bike and probably be my last,until Harleys

Are there no others?  Can't believe such a small response. Yeah she's an old bike,however someone must have modified or had the same problem. Anyway thank you those who did respond. I have valued the help here for many years.. Merry Christmas to you all.


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