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Author Topic: Big Twin cams maybe gone 2018  (Read 3594 times)

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Re: Big Twin cams maybe gone 2018
« Reply #45 on: September 10, 2017, 01:18:12 AM »

He did all that to a leased car?

and I missing something or isn't that like remodeling a rental apartment?

I car you got a loan and and intend to pay off I can understand, but a lease?

idk, maybe I just don't know how those work.
He did a 3 yr lease and figured it was worth it to enjoy the mods for those 3 years. At 27 yrs old whether he leased it or bought it he would end up upgrading in 3 years anyway so I couldn't argue successfully with him on that one.
At 27 I don't usually successfully argue anything with him anyway. I am just some old fart to him that really doesn't know anything..


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Re: Big Twin cams maybe gone 2018
« Reply #46 on: September 10, 2017, 02:24:33 AM »

I think most ppl at 27 it is useless to argue with ;)

Para Bellum

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Re: Big Twin cams maybe gone 2018
« Reply #47 on: September 14, 2017, 12:39:47 AM »

Well some people hear what they want to hear these days and seem to be able to just twist what anyone says into whatever they want. I can’t control that… as iski wisely pointed out in a response to me. See iski, I actually listened to what you were saying and not what I wanted to hear (summarizing a portion of what you said).

So I will break my last post down. If you read my last post (in an open minded fashion) you may discover that I was actually saying (in summary) that it amazes me how I can blow up over many years time enumerable engines, and consider it some of the most fun I ever had. While others can do the same and be completely miserable about it. Now mind you this is in the context of TOYS!!!! Maybe I am wrong, but I think that is what we are talking about here. Toys.

Secondly. Implicitly in my last post I was trying to get across the concept that it actually matters who is straddling (or driving) the vehicle! If anyone thinks that it does not matter how the vehicle is driven, and that it does not have any implication as to longevity, and reliability of the vehicle… well again I can’t control that type of thinking either.

Finally I guess I would challenge your statement where you tried to imply that 20% of the lifters in these bikes are failing and therefore (as has been so thoroughly described on this forum) destroying the engines. Where is your proof of that so called fact? Also, I did not base my opinion on “one good example.” I proposed that if the situation was as severe as implied by the “silver back chest beaters” that there is no way the extended warranty company could survive such a level of failure. Do you also believe that MoCo could survive with 20% of their finest motorcycles ending up with exploding engines happening somewhere around 20k miles? Also, as I recall I purchased 5 extra years of extended coverage for $2100. I’m not a statistician, but off hand what does it cost to repair one of these in this circumstance? $5000 or so? I would think that over 5 years 20K miles can roll around several times, right? It just does not pass the sniff test that the warranty company could stay in business under those circumstances. So while I am waiting on your 20% proof, I will also wonder about the “cheaply-made components” statement. The person straddling the bike can easily start up the bike and before it is warmed up (kind of sound familiar) over rev the engine and RUIN parts. Does that mean those parts are cheaply made? Do you have proof on how TINY a percentage this situation represents?
It's clear that you're arguing against these statements on the basis of emotion rather than historical facts, so I'm not going to spend any more time on it.  What I will do is thank you for your honesty in reporting that your engine ate a valve.  I'm sorry you've had to experience some of what we're complaining about, and I hope the dealer and ESP take care of it for you.
If you want peace, prepare for war.


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Re: Big Twin cams maybe gone 2018
« Reply #48 on: September 14, 2017, 10:47:52 AM »

Ok here is the start of the Big Twin 4 stroker HD replacement

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