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Title: regulator
Post by: peter googy on June 29, 2009, 07:27:20 AM
hi this is my first time so i hope im doin this right,peter googy from melbourne australia ,i have a question ,can some one help me ?i have a 1995 electra glide ultra classic.went for a ride on sunday and when i took off i could smell something burning like a plasiticy wire smell, after riding for 10 minites or so my volt meter was down to about 10 amps my battery wasnt getting charged , i charged the battery up over night and put it back in the bike and the same thing happend ,but i felt my regulator  with my palm and it was hot enough to boil the kettle on it , does any one think this wiil require  a new regulator and how many amps would it be ,im not sure if its 35amp  or what ever