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Author Topic: Fairing Factory 14-up vented lowers will fit a 12 SERG.  (Read 1206 times)

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Fairing Factory 14-up vented lowers will fit a 12 SERG.
« on: July 19, 2016, 01:05:59 AM »

Received my Fairing Factory 14-up lowers today. I've never ran lowers or rode a bike with them on before. I will give a little assessment.

They came packaged well. They include speaker pods, glove boxes, magnetic doors, and quick detach hardware. I tried to call them before I actually ordered. I would only get voicemail. I emailed them with my questions also. I would assume whoever answers the email, does not speak english. The responses I got were very short and only answered one question per email. I unpacked them to find a pretty decent finish to the paint. A few rough edges, but all in all a good product. There were no instructions included. I referenced an online microfiche to see how the factory units would be assembled and installed. It's pretty straight forward, however they include the non-quickdetach hardware as well. This led to some confusion on my part. As a side note, I believe the quick detach hardware is the same kit that the older style lowers use. So I have left over hardware.

I quickly went to installing one side, mainly because I wanted to see if they were going to work with my Kury foot board relocators, and my 2" extended brake and shift levers. The left foot board just rests on the back edge of the lower, the right side does not (maybe and alignment issue). My 2" extended Softbrake lever under full compression just barely kisses the inside of the lower with the block off plate installed. I removed the block off plate to test airflow. The fit seems good. I had to scootch my left fairing support about half an inch inboard to get the fairing cap on.

I took it down the road for a short test run. With my Madstad and these lowers, buffeting was greatly reduced. Wind noise was also drastically reduced. I can hear my radio!! I didn't get to play with the adjustable vents much yet, so can't make an assessment about those. The lowers do not come with the vent linkage and thumb knobs. I already ordered those through Ronnies HD. I'm not sure if they will work or not. I couldn't find any info about them either. I'll be the guinea pig on that one I guess.

My initial impression is: If you want black, the finish is pretty good. Mine will get color matched to the bike. Communication with was ok, but not stellar. For under $300 to my door, with speaker pods and all the extras, I'm a pretty happy camper. I'll update as I get some miles on them.

For those who aren't familiar, these lowers are styled after the Rushmore twincool lowers. They use the front grille as a vent to the rider, instead of scooping air through the radiators. They seem to provide a ton of ventilation.

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