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2019 CVO Road Glide Highway Pegs

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I installed the Ciro 3D highway peg mounts on my ‘19 CVO Mako with no issues at all. There were no clearance issue with the floorboards, but the Ciro company said some have some issues while others do not. They were referring to th Defiance collection.
I used the factory passenger pegs as highway pegs. They folded up correctly and would stay up when needed.
Make sure you have them mounted so the rounded part of the foot peg is mounted toward the top. If not they will not fold up correctly.

love my CIRO 3D
every thing works as said
had to grind a little off right floor board and touched up with a little paint . it underneath so will never see

much cleaner look

While they look real nice, don't they hit when cornering hard?  Looks like they would hit before the floor boards would.

My thoughts exactly Dave... That’s the reason why I will not use them... I already throw sparks through the Corners...

i don't think they'll hit.


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