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Author Topic: Issue with Ciro 3D seat  (Read 678 times)

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Issue with Ciro 3D seat
« on: March 10, 2020, 10:21:54 PM »

I've got about a 1000 miles on this seat now.  Heading back to Vegas 2 weeks ago, I was thrown back on my seat.  Get off the bike and note the nutsert on the CIRO 3D ASR backrest has broken off.  I've contacted Ciro who in turn have sent this off to Saddlemen who is the seat manufacturer.  I have yet to hear what their solution is but just for reference I did send them the bottom pic which is a comparison with the Mustang backrest.   Note that Mustang uses a 1/4" steel plate drilled and tapped with a 5/16" bolt.  Saddlemen uses a 1/8" plate with a weld on nut for a 1/4" bolt.  Also my CVO Ultra RG backrest is 5/16" steel.   I'm posting this so others who have this backrest are aware.  If the nutsert goes, you will be thrown back in the seat and can roll the throttle/lose control.  I'm going to fix it myself by adding a steel plate as I do not trust a 1/8" piece to hold up.   I'll let everyone know what CIRO or Saddlemen finally comes back with. 


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