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Trading 2018 CVO street glide for 2020 CVO RG

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Joining the shark club and never even road a RG! Curious what mods you guys recommend and I run 16” yaffe bars on my 18 SG now so would 16” be the same on a RG or should I do 14” or T bars??

Of course my opinion:

1. Seat - I went with the HD heated hammock - sure there are others
2. A real windshield - went with Freedom
3. Rear shocks - went with Ohlins 159 - but others appear to have good results with other shocks - the stock ones are oh so sad
4. Fan assist oil cooler - should have already been on the bike for the cost
5. Like the XM - but think you have to add on the 2020
6. Added the heated Kahuna grips - again for the cost, should have already been on there

If I had to pick only one change - it would be the rear shocks

 I like my maddstadd windshield 

Rear shocks and a taller windscreen...Bars and exhaust.. Enjoy

Congratulations on the new CVO RG.  I have had several CVO RG, then one CVO SG and then back to the CVO RG. 

I have run Yaffe 14" on three road glides, one street glide and one road king.  They all felt to be same height and width.  So if you like the 16" Yaffe on your street glide they should be the same in 16" on the new road glide.

When swapping bars, I would add the Kahuana grips heated grips.  However I do thing the 20 got heated grips as part of the bike the XM was removed for 20.

My first change would be windshield.  Lots of options.  Choices really depend on personal preference and weather or not you have a back seat passenger.  I run a Klock Works 14" sport flair.  I like the looks and it is mostly functional for my hight, my wife has the same size on her bike and she get no wind, but she is 5'8"  I get some wind and I am 6'1".

T-Bars are the latest trend.  Not sure I would do them as blocks gages or you have to relocate.  I'm just very comfortable with Yaffe bars. 


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