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Pipes on 2020

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Trying to solve something going on w coating....see pics.

Anyone having the same issue on a 2020 CVO?

Another pic

Hard to tell from a picture but it looks like water or oil spots. Any good metal polish should fix it up easily. In my garage I currently have two brands, Purple Slice and Metal Gloss.

I would and do use WD- 40 for hard to remove spots on the heat shields.... Like stated above, from the pictures it looks like water spots..

Looks like the usual water and other fluids spotting common to bike exhaust pipes?  Use a non-abrasive chrome cleaner, follow with a sealant product that will tolerate high temps to make future cleaning easier.  I seem to remember seeing similar spotting on every new bike I've ever owned, prior to a thorough cleaning and waxing. 



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