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Pipes on 2020

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Is that the satin or brushed finish? If so, do not use an abrasive cleaner or anything with a grit on it. WD40 is a good start. It looks like a you may have ridden on some new asphalt that was wet from rain.

WD-40 for the win....

Is that a satin finish you have there?? I have that satin finish on mine and will let you know if mine does the same thing.   Also would love to find an aftermarket exhaust for it with the same finish

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Griots quick detailing spray and good micro fiber cloth will take those right off, had the same spots after my last trip from riding in a bunch of rain.  Just cleaned mine yesterday and after a good bath it still had those marks, Griots to the rescue, looks brand new again.


--- Quote from: Pita1 on August 19, 2020, 07:52:28 PM ---Trying to solve something going on w coating....see pics.

Anyone having the same issue on a 2020 CVO?

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Never Dull will clean that right up and not affect the satin style finish


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