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2020 CVO RG in Sand Dune

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Mods so far:
Klockwerks 6" windscreen
Fullsac 2.5" cores (will do the full headers once warranty is over)
Factory 47 Legacy 1.5" bars (not shown in this photo
Corbin Classic with pillion. Black with red stitching to match the red accents on the motor
Custom Dynamics bullet front turn signal
Sound system: stock Boom Box GTS head unit. Front: Focal speakers. Rear: ARC audio 6x9. Amp: Arc Audio
Rear suspension: RWD (Russ Wernimont - local awesome company)

CD TruBeam headlamp LED
Legend front suspension cores.  After replacing the rear suspension the stock front is horrible
highway pegs - Kahuna to match

CD BAGZ lighting, Latch lighting and blacked out brake/turn lights in the back.
131? maybe after warranty is over

(Anyone know how to post more than one pic? forum structure doesn't seem to allow it.)

Nice ride!  :2vrolijk_21:  :2vrolijk_21:

To add more than one photograph per post, the photos need to have already been posted on a photo sharing site such as Flickr or Photobucket. You then add the link from there to your post here. Look at any of the ride report threads by JCZ or Jock.

Good looking bike.

i have the same bike just finished the 131 and it is sick!!! i got the lifetime warranty with it

Nice ride! I bought the same bike March 28th and can't stay off of it. My fiancé and I have ridden over 25,000 miles in the last 6 months, and aside from a couple small issues that were more annoying than anything, the bike has been mechanically sound.

I got the horsepower bug out of my system with the old bike, so only did a stage II this time around for more torque. I've done Legend Suspension all around, 12" bars, some additional lighting, king tour pack, and a handful of cosmetic things. Getting Sinister Sounds 720 watt stereo installed this weekend.

Looks like you have some nice things lined up for yours, I'm excited to follow along as you mod it, and I may even steal an idea or two :)


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