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2020 CVO Road Glide Handlebars?

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So I went from the stock wheelburrow bars to Factory47 Legacy. worried that the meathook look like Yaffe's stuff might be a bit played, I went with the legacy which are smooth. I also really don't like really tall apes.  the shortest F47's were 12 inches. Bought 'em and installed 'em. Well. They're too tall for me and too wide. 36" wide. The ride is OK but the bike now looks like a giant jackrabbit. Main goal was to straighten the grip so it didn't feel like I was pushing a wheelburrow.  I'm looking for a 10 inch (ish) bar, in black, that is about 34 inches wide.  I've looked at Yaffe monkeys and KST customs.  Anyone else out there love their bars?



Take a look at LA Choppers Twin Peaks,  they offer a 10” w/ 34” width in’s not a meat hook but a 90 degree angle...been around for a while so tons of pics out there with different size bars (worth a google)

take a look at BA'S Custom  bars..

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BR's Custom Bars

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