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2020 CVO Road Glide Handlebars?

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Very happy with JSR Bad Attitude 12" bars. They do have the meat hook design which it seems like you're looking to avoid, but they may make a set without those points. The pull-back is less than stock bars for sure, meaning it doesn't feel like a wheelbarrow or ram horns.


By far the best mod on my bike hands down.  I've had all kinds of bars, on my Deluxe i'm riding Carlini Gangsters and for that bike they're great but on my Road Glide these Kraus bars are absolutely amazing.  Talk about feeling connected to the bike, just being in touch with every movement and the feeling of absolute control.  Want to feel like you can whip a 900lb bike around?  These bars will give you that exact feeling.

There's a link to the kit which includes everything you need except the labor lol.  They're spendy but I tell you what, now that I know what they feel like I would have spent more.  My kit I chose the 10" pull backs and teh gauge bezel sits perfectly in front of my onboard screen where it doesn't block it at all.


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