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My 2020 CVO RG

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Came home like this

Started making changes


Best mod by far on any bike I've ever had hands down is the Kraus bar set up.  Huge difference in how the bike handles and how you feel connected to it.  Hard to put into words


Nice!  :2vrolijk_21:  Congratulations!  :2vrolijk_21:

Looking good.

Fork leg reflectors need to go.

Easy mod to clean up rear end is Paul Yaffe stealth III plate frame.  I use it on both my 13 CVO King and my 19 CVO Road Glide

The Paul Yaffe stealth 3 plate holder is a must!!! My bike is at the shop now getting the Kraus bar setup with Wolf triple tree.. Reminds me of riding motor cross, makes the bike feel so controlled... Once I road my friends bike with the setup I was sold.... Your bike looks Awesome my friend 🤝...

I agree with Dave, you've made some nice upgrades but a couple of very inexpensive changes would really clean things up. Heat up and remove those fugly reflectors on your front forks and replace that license plate mount with either the Yaffee or the Kuryakyn to clean things up.


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