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CVO Sharknose 2019


I have a good friend who is buying a blue fade bike 3500 miles with a catless header and reinhart silpones and a tune. He want to know if there is anything he should check on? issues or problems?


That would be the Mako paint from 2019. The only issues I am aware of is depending on manufacture date it may not have the latest 8 lobe oil pump and the primary vent.
I put about 7,000 problem free miles on mine before I traded it. That is one bike I wish I hadn’t traded...
Good luck to your friend, that will be a great riding bike.

Front Break rotors are a known issue on the Mako Fade and the Red Pepper.  They use the same PN for the front rotors.  They warp around 5000 miles to 6500 miles.  The 5th set on mine.  Several others are on second and third set.

May or may not be and issue, sumping.  It will have the old oil pump in it.  If it does, and most do not, the cure is the 2020 8 lobe harley pump.


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