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Stretched Bags for new CVO Black Hole

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I purchased Rinehart 4.5 in black chrome.  Sould look and sound bad ass

Road G:
 I ordered the same pipes. Did you change the head pipe? I did on my 19 Standard. I did a stage 2 with a full 4.5DBX exhaust and sounded great. Not sure if I am going to tinker with this bike or not yet. Was it pretty simple to install the slip ons? last time I did it I could not get one of them off, then I could not get the clamp tight, kept sliding out. Man it was a PITA.

No headpipe just the slipons.  Installed them myself, super easy.  Didnt even take a full beer.

I am going to stay with slipons to avoid any type of warranty issues.  I also think is sounds great the way it is.  Much better than stock.


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