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Show us your custom front fenders!!

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I've been toying with the idea of having Joe @ Xtreme Dimension's match me up a Hugger style front fender for my 18 CVO RG. I think it would look killer, especially with the 21" Knockout front wheel. He recommends Klock Werks fenders for this but says that he is open to others. The two that I am debating between are the Slicer and the Level from Klock Werks.

Being able to use a Wheeldock is imperative as I use one daily to park on my lift and I also use it in my trailer, and it appears that these will have the clearance that I will require. (Still checking on that)

I would like your thoughts and especially some pic's and details as to what you folks have done with your bikes, what you used and the pro's and con's.



This one is from Klockwerks, painted by Joe at Xtreme dimensions. 

Love the idea of this thread!  Let's see some pics!

Yes...Would like to see if anyone has changed fenders on a CVO. Was thinking fat tire kit but wow...try to match that special paint scheme????
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