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CVO's cause skin cancer

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Just had two more squamous cell skin cancers removed today from my arms with Mohs surgery. This makes 5 in the last two years on my arms and hands.  They say it's probably from twenty years of motorcycle touring with t-shirts and only #15 sun screen.  Fortunately, I wear a full face modular helmet and haven't had any lesions on my face.  Now it's long sleeve shirts and #50 sun screen.  Has this happened to any of you?

No I haven't I grow up on a farm working in the fields all day you lean a thing or two about the sun.I wear UV sleeves all the time riding along  with at less # 50 sun screen and modular helmet. Here in July it can get up to a 100 degrees.

Grew up a redhead. I know all about that sun. Sunblock 50 minimum for me and if it's going to be a long day on the road, UV long sleeve shirts.

I’m more of a Basel Cell Carcinoma guy but I have had a few Squamous Cells creep up.  I have scars on my legs, forearms, back, upper arms and one on my jaw line from the Moh’s procedure.  I bought an HD mesh jacket and gloves for summer riding and sunscreen my face and neck.  Although these help to prevent more damage my doctor told me the cancer cells started forming a long time ago, probably from my childhood and teens.

Thanks for the reminder....should get checked out as soon as I can actually 'see' my doctor!


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