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6 gal tank but only putting 5.5 gal when run empty


blown alcohol:
What would the problem be?
I usually never let it get too low, but I'm going on a 2 week trip out west in Aug.
I remember last year riding the bike home from work I thought I could make it across town to grab gas/groceries in one stop.
It started cutting out. I would turn it off and coast, then crank and run to coast till I got it mile to the gas station.

How much of this 6 gal tank should be usable? Bike is a 2013 cvo ultra

I don't run my tank down to zero. But I rode w/ the boys and I had like 10 miles left and forgot to get fuel once we got back in

town. Next day after realizing I forgot to fuel. I rode 2 miles to my local Shell station and this is how much my 6 gallon tank would take.

Note: I tried to post but photo was to large, but I put 6.039 gallons.



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