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so i bought this bike from a Harley dealer, so i assumed everything on the bike would be up to par and ready to go.
once i started to go longer rides the second or third time i noticed the smell of burning oil, thought OK maybe a slight leak might not be big you know i just got it from the dealership. well after coming back out the next morning i noticed quite a bit of oil spots on the ground. well the problem persisted and the smell just was not right. didn't think that it was just oil smell but new to Harley so was unsure. after the couple more stops and more drops under the bike each time i park it. so at this point i want to make sure i get it tended to before the warranty on the used bike runs out.
  so i take it back to the dealership to get it looked at. when i get there and am talking to the service guy i bring up the fact that the bike does not completely disengage and he then informs me that i have a hydraulic clutch and that there wasn't really anything that can be done about that??? is this in fact true? the clutch on this bike is unable to be adjusted? I then inform him that i am unable to find neutral unless i have turned the bike off. he then says "sounds like something is wrong with your clutch" thinking to myself {wasn't that what i was just getting at with the bike crawling on me that something was infact wrong with the clutch} but any who he starts it up to drive over to the shop from the trailer that i brought it in on, which was like a hundred feet, not that far or anything and he gets off saying that it smells like my clutch something or other {don't remember exactly what he said} was burning up. and that he was surprised that he could smell it that strong from through the transfer case. so now I'm waiting around to find out what is going on with the bike and after a week goes by i have to call them up to see what is going on with my bike just to find out that it wasn't even on the lift yet. days later i finally get a call saying that there are after market parts in there that don't quite fit the clutch basket i think he said was sticking or something or other and that they had to order the right stock piece to fix it. at this point I'm stuck playing the waiting game to find out what is going on and while I'm looking over all the stuff that came with the bike i found service records. sweet Right? wrong come to find out the engine has already been rebuilt back in 2012 and then there was paperwork for all the oil changes and servicing done since the rebuild with nothing but your average charges expected for oil change and 90k mile servicing. well now I'm thinking that they dropped a lemon on me, i mean i had the bike for maybe 30 days and of that 30 days 10 of them have already been spent sitting back at the dealership. so with the work being done am i going to get back an awesome ready to roll machine or high likelyhood of running into more problems in the near future?
    Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated as i i am new to having a Harley Davidson and would love to hear some input regarding these matters,                 
                        thank you for your time

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 :carrot:  With all this work done previously and having been in the shop for so long, I'd start checking into lemon laws in your state.  Hopefully you have  started a paper trail on what they've done with the bike since you've owned it.


thats awesome thats what i have been researching in california

I thought lemon laws only for new vehicles :nixweiss:


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