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Author Topic: Somethings never change - Human Nature.  (Read 642 times)

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Somethings never change - Human Nature.
« on: August 02, 2007, 05:29:33 PM »

Today I went to the high school where I teach Ride Like A Pro so I could schedule my class dates for September, October and November. This also was my first opportunity to meet with the new School Principal. As I sat outside his office, in my head I was going over the new dates and times. I had a brochure to give him that had my website address on it, as well as pictures of riders in the school lot.

I was feeling a little anxious just waiting there. Suddenly the summer school bell rang, and I felt REAL anxious. Then it dawned on me, some things never change. Like the feeling you get while waiting outside the principals office. Here it’s been decades since I have been in grade school, and the mere act of waiting outside the principal’s office had me feeling like a school boy again. And the ringing of the bell, well that made me feel like I had to be somewhere, like in class.

Well I met the principal, and everything went well. He told me that he was not pleased that I painted “range dots” all over his parking lot. I explained that I had received permission from the previous principal to do so, and he just shook his head. Anyway, I got permission to continue teaching there through November. I told him I was taking December off for the Holidays, but plan to resume in January of 2008. He seemed okay with that too. Actually, he was a really nice guy.

When I got hack home I updated my website to include the new dates and times. As I sat working at my PC, my cell phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was the High School Principals Office calling. Once again I started getting that nervous feeling. When I answered, it was the principal, and he said I forgot my copies of the contract on his desk. I thanked him, hung up and laughed. For me some things never change, like getting antsy while sitting outside the principal’s office, or having the principal call your home. I guess that’s my Human Nature.
"But men are men, the best sometimes forget" Shakespeare, Othello Act 2, Scene 3

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