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Author Topic: WI Blackhawk  (Read 1439 times)

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WI Blackhawk
« on: August 10, 2004, 10:01:28 PM »

This map covers the western side of the county. Use this with the Spaghetti map and you will have one hell of a ride. These are some really great roads, but be careful of farm machinery, busses, and Amish. Most of cnty O is Amish owned land so you will need to be cautious. There may be buggies, children, horses in the road. And also look for horse droppings as well. The corners on these roads may not be clear of rocks so watch for those as well. Have fun!

You can head out of La Crosse on either 14/61 or 35 and just find any one of these roads to begin your day on. If you want to make a loop and come back to La Crosse. Head to Coon Valley and take B then Y west and then follow O over to Genoa. That will take approximately an 2 hours or more depending on speed. Other wise you can take O South from Y and go to hwy 56 and take that into Viroqua or wherever.  Cautions
As I mentioned earlier, be careful on the smaller roads. Amish, farmers, teens all think they own the roads back here and they may not care which lane they drive in. Most of the smaller roads don't have very wide roads and no center marker so you have to guess. And watch those blind corners, you never know what may be on the other side. Figure on Gravel in most of the corners, and look out for tar snakes. Speeds on the smaller roads should not exceed 55, for your own safety.

Law Enforcement
Word is Vernon county only has one county officer on duty at any time. That officer has a pretty good sized count to look after so he may be too busy to stop you. The city officers are robocops out to kick ass and take names so watch your speed and attitude in the small cities. 56 is patrolled regularly, as is 14/61, 27 and I am sure 82. Its possible to run fast on those roads, but be willing to pay the ticket.

Fuel and rest stops
Fuel is available in Coon Valley, Westby, Stoddard, Genoa, Viroqua and Readstown for sure. If there are stations else where that you know of let me know. Again there are parks scattered around the area which you can rest in. There is a rest stop on 14/61 between Viroqua and Westby and another between Viroqua and Readstown.

Places to Eat
Coon Valley has at least one Restaurant maybe 2. Wes by has Two I believe, Stoddard has two one is located on cnty O. Viroqua has Culver's, Country Kitchen, subway, Pizza Hut,Dairy Queen, a couple of "Sit down" restaurants and maybe something else has moved in lately. Reads ton has the Kickapoo Inn which used to have good food, but I am not sure any more.

Things To See
The area has a lot of Amish so you can always find Amish goods. Westby web site. Viroqua also has a few celebrations throughout the year Viroqua Web site. If someone from the area has some good stuff to see, let me know. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot, which doesn't matter cuz you will be on the bike all day anyway. Who wants to stop?

Alternate Roads
27 N will take you to Sparta, 14/61 E will take you to Spring Green and Madison, 131 N will take you to Viola, Lafarge and Ontario meeting up with Hwy 27. Hwy 27 E will take you to Hillsboro. 27 south will take you to Mt Sterling and Crawford Cnty. 56 E will take you to Viola and Richland Center. 35 S will take you to Ferry vile and Prairie DuChien.

Riding Style
The main roads are where the fun can be had. the back roads can be fun as well, but not without risking an accident. Keep alert of course and don't think that your riding ability can save you. If you meet a milk truck head on its gonna ruin you no matter how great of a rider you are. Stop often for water and just to stretch. Time can pass faster than you think when you are cruising these back roads. You can run 56 at 80-120 with no problem, just watch the side roads for farmers and the bushes for police.  

Emergency Numbers

All emergencies 911 Of course.
La Crosse Police, 608-785-5952
La Crosse Cnty Police, 608-785-5942

Information Numbers
La Crosse Weather dial 608-782-4500 and then 1100

Bike Repairs & Supplies
All in La Crosse:
Steiger Kawasaki Suzuki KTM 608-788-4514
Two Brothers Honda 608-781-3360
R&J Motorsports (Yamaha) 608-785-1077
La Crosse Harley Davidson 608-783-6112

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