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Author Topic: WI - Deliverance  (Read 1363 times)

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WI - Deliverance
« on: August 10, 2004, 10:04:25 PM »

I wanted to incorporate as many of the Kickapoo river valley roads as I could as well as some of the surrounding roads because they are a lot of fun. there seems to be an endless amount of back roads in Richland county. take a look at the county map and you will discover that there seems to be more roads than land. I will have to spend a couple more weekends down that way to figure out which ones are good and which are just large gravel roads. I called this map deliverance because of the Kickapoo River and the Canoe trips you can take down it in Ontario.

Start with a trip down 33 to Ontario. Outside of Ontario you will find some of the best cycle road I have come across. I discovered it last year on a trip to Devils lake, and it put a HUGE smile on my face. From there you can go where ever you want. Most of the roads are great and you can't really go wrong. County F from above Fivepoints to Hwy 60 has recently been redone,, And Jim from Lafarge says its a Beautiful road to ride.  Cautions
As I mentioned earlier, be careful on the smaller roads. This is more farming country and there can be a lot of country drivers tearing ass down the roads like idiots. You may see quite a bit of gravel in the corners on those back roads, and there may even be a few that are in really poor shape. If you find some bad roads, let me know so I can remove them from the map. Fuel up often, because you can be out on these roads for quite some time and you don't want to run out of fuel. County X From Five Points to Point Andrews should be taken cautiously. Plenty of farmers and on coming traffic. Take F instead, they run parallel. (Thanks for that info Jim) Law Enforcement
All of the police officers in these small towns are Gung Ho. Treat them with some respect and you will get along with them just fine. Don't talk to them like they are hillbilly's, they aren't. State and County patrol the main highways, but there isn't a whole lot going on in the Back roads.  

Fuel and rest stops
Fuel and food is available in Readstown, Viola, La Farge, Soldiers Grove, Gays Mills, Wauzeka, Richland Center, Hillsboro, and Ontario. Richland Center is the Largest of the towns and will have the most to offer. There are rest stops scattered around the area.  

Places to Eat
Readstown has the Kickapoo Inn, Viola may have a restaurant, Soldiers Grove has a couple of nice places, Richland Center has some fast food joints as well as nicer restaurants. I will find out more about the other towns and post it here later.

Things To See
Wildcat State Park. Nothing much to see in the park. There are a couple of great views but other than that its just a park. S&S Cycle is located outside of Viola, just take 56 SE and I believe it is located on County G, just follow the signs. Ontario has canoe rentals. Soldiers Grove has a small wall in honor of the Men awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the state of Wisconsin. Richland Center was the birth place of Frank Lloyd Wright and there are a couple of building located there that were designed by him.

Riding Style
These are more cruising roads. If you learn them you can have a lot more fun. I don't recommend riding fast until you learn the roads because they can change without you realizing it. You could roll up on a 25MPH hairpin on one corner and 45 S's around the next corner so take it easy the first few times.

Emergency Numbers
All emergencies 911 Of course.

Bike Repairs & Supplies
All in La Crosse:
Steiger Kawasaki Suzuki KTM 608-788-4514
Two Brothers Honda 608-781-3360
R&J Motorsports (Yamaha) 608-785-1077
La Crosse Harley Davidson 608-783-6112
Vetesnik Power Sports Super Store (Richland Cener-Honda) 1-800-752-2556


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