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Talk about a dead group here...

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There has not been a post here since November 1, 2011.

You guys don't chat much.

Just thought I might be able to stir the pot and get some action going.

I think it was Chains that ended up with Brad Pitts' V-Rod RG.  I've thought a lot about that same thing, making a bagger out of a V-Rod Muscle with the dual sided exhaust.  I ride a '09 SERG and the thought of a great performing water cooled V-Rod dresser is enticing.  I think at the next HD test ride at my dealership, I'll put the wife on the back and take a Muscle for a ride and see if it will pull our fat butts around without too much strain on the revs.

Enjoy your V-Rods.


I though the same thing yesterday.  It made me wonder how many vrod cvo were made.  Guess I'll do a little research.  I would really like to see the entire forum get a little more active.

Correct me, but I think they were only made 3 years with a total production of around 5000. That would be a pretty small flash-mob if everybody showed up!!!!!  :nixweiss:

I still own my 2005, 1 of 800 made in this color and only 2400 of this CVO model in 2005. 3 colors were available, Blue, Red and Orange. So not completely dead but close...

What does that tell us about the Revolution motor? The darn thing must be rock solid bullet proof, if not everybody would be on here complaining. I have not heard otherwise, has anyone else heard of reliability or endurance problems? I believe the MOCO is missing the boat by not pumping up the displacement and adapting this motor into the Touring line. The cynic in me says that they don't want to sell something that the customer does not have to spend more money on at the dealer in order to get it to run properly. Wouldn't a smooth running and cool 140 horsepower with 120ft.lbs of torque in an Ultra from the factory be a gas? I wouldn't care if it made no sound at all.


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