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Author Topic: Finding the Correct seat ...  (Read 482 times)

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Finding the Correct seat ...
« on: March 21, 2023, 02:32:51 PM »

I've been perusing the aftermarket for an appropriate replacement for my 2001 SERG Black/Grey/Silver

Initially ordered a replacement from Saddleman, Styled much like the OEM seat on my 2018, except with rider backrest.

The bike has spent the better part of the last year in mothballs since I broke the swingarm, (just forward of the left side axle bolt)

and awaiting a large enough space at my friend's shop to accommodate the bike and hack.

IN my bad judgement, I ordered the seat based on the Saddleman website, which indicated in would fit. It sat in the box, in my storage closet for months.

Just before my friend was ready to take the bike to work on it, I hustled the parts out of the storage, only to find out the seat was wrong... I mailing Saddleman got me no response, like F-you, too late. Fortunately HD sells this neat little filler piece to take up that space, but its still annoying as hell.

Why email instead of a call? For those that don't know, I'm out here in Hawaii, there's a little bit of a time difference. Most of the time when I call, I need to call between 3 or 5 in the morning our time to reach someone at 0900- or 1000 on the East Coast to Midwest. That's usually during my drive to work time. So it's usually follow up the email with a phone call. 

Regardless of my above situation, I have noticed that more than one Seat manufacture website appear to have a tad bit of misinformation regarding the 2000-2001 SE Road Glide.

From the C&C website:

1997-2007 Road King, Street Glide & CVO Models are Designed with a Longer Dash Panel, which creates a Shorter Nose to the Seats. These seats come equipped with a Male Bracket underneath the Nose of the Seat that Mounts into the Bike Frame.

1997-2007 Ultra, Electra & Road Glide Models are Designed with a Shorter Dash Panel, which creates a Longer Nose to the Seats. These seats come equipped with a Male Bracket underneath the Nose of the Seat that Mounts into the Bike Frame.

Of course, they follow this up with a disclaimer:

Clarity: If you are unsure to which Year/Model/ Motorcycle you own, or what work has been done to it previously to you owning it, we might be able to help!
Assistance: It is your Responsibility to understand what you have, but if you don’t know please  send us a picture of your Motorcycle.


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Re: Finding the Correct seat ...
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2023, 08:55:13 PM »

My '00 SERG has the short console & so takes the long nose seat, same as Electra Glide.  Went thru five seats to find the best fit for wife & I.  It's now Corbin solo when I ride solo, Mustang dual touring for long trips, Saddlemen dual for short trips (I really like it, sits deeper than others).  Not used:  Mustang two piece (she didn't like the pillion pad), HD "pillow top" - too tall.  Make you a race horse deal on the latter two.


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Re: Finding the Correct seat ...
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2023, 04:27:51 PM »

Harley changed the frame design in 2009 until current.  This also changed the fit of the seats.  That's why the seat manufacturers have different seats for different years.
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