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 on: Today at 12:16:25 AM 
Started by dave29 - Last post by SDCVO
Thumbs up for Haul bikes (Daily Direct).  Have used them 3 times, WA state to Florida.  One even sent my Bushtec along, no issues.   Let's Roll
X2 on Haul Bikes! Used them twice, both perfect.

 on: Yesterday at 11:58:27 PM 
Started by Fullsac Performance - Last post by SDCVO
Remus sells there quad exit mufflers as slip ons only. Pretty sure those are the same mufflers you get when you go with the full non cat system. From that I have to assume their non cat headpipes are a direct replacement that will accept stock mufflers too.I have no plans of removing or even testing a non cat headpipe on mine as I have no means of tuning the ECM. The first back to back dyno test I did was to simply remove the stock mufflers. To my surprise it made zero difference in power and AFR. Of course sound levels went way up. Good news is the bike has so much power stock making more is not really needed for Touring duty. So slip ons only will provide better sound and looks for those who aren't attracted to the stock monster mufflers. Kinda like a Harley but power increase will be very close to zero. I do have a luggage rack already mocked up that will accept a passenger back rest. I am playing with footpegs and relocated running boards on mine but unsure if any of that will see production. I seem to be the only one really unhappy with the floor board arrangement?
I would be all over relocating the boards for sure and I have to believe many others feel the same way!

 on: Yesterday at 11:11:54 PM 
Started by 2BAGGR - Last post by n8schmitz
Finally "made it mine".   New A Ness lower forks, 23 up front with matching rear, new Rinehart A/C. And a few other items here and there. 

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 on: Yesterday at 10:56:19 PM 
Started by Fullsac Performance - Last post by JerseyT
Been riding Harleys for 50 years now, but I can see a test ride on the 1600B in my future.  Steve, the development work that you are doing is fantastic.  Please keep this thread alive.

 on: Yesterday at 10:22:20 PM 
Started by newseultra07 - Last post by newseultra07
So far after riding I think so far this is the best riding & handling HD to date that I've been on. The 117 M8 has plenty of power with me and my wife on it. Accelerates easily & has plenty left. Bike is totally stock. Only think I'm gonna change is the short windshield to a taller one with recurve in it & also the bars to 12" or 14".  So far I'm really liking the bike. Hoping for no sumping like others.

 on: Yesterday at 10:22:05 PM 
Started by ramseyusmc - Last post by Joel
Okay you have asked and I see that your dogs in your avatar must have heard the word squirrel.
 Think of this more as an intermission and not a hijacking of a thread.
Few years back at the old house, we had a lot of squirrels and raccoons. The squirrels and I became friends. I would either leave some nuts on a branch of the tree, the top of the fence post, and a few of them, while I was sitting on the back steps would come up and take peanuts out of my hand.
Well one day when I was getting ready to go to my daughter's soccer tournament I pulled my bike out to park it under the tree right before I left, as I stepped off the bike I damn near stepped onto the squirrel. Poor little guy was dead in the gutter, looking familiar I didn't want to just throw him into the garbage cuz it was going to be another 6 days before pickup. I decided I'd throw him into the saddle bag inside of a garbage bag and drop him off at a garbage can out there at the tournament.
 It was about a 20-minute ride. When I got there I had forgotten about him in the saddlebag and after the game while walking up to the bike I remembered the damn squirrel is in my saddle bag. So I open it up and the poor little bastard has been cooking in the heat from the exhaust for close to an hour now, man did it stink.
So I pulled him out of there and dropped him into the garbage bin and off to home I go. The saddlebag smelled so bad for so many days, no matter what I sprayed in there. Lesson learned , no more transporting dead animals in the saddle bags of any of my bikes.

 on: Yesterday at 10:18:00 PM 
Started by dave29 - Last post by LETS_ROLL
Thumbs up for Haul bikes (Daily Direct).  Have used them 3 times, WA state to Florida.  One even sent my Bushtec along, no issues.   Let's Roll

 on: Yesterday at 09:46:47 PM 
Started by KBush - Last post by harleytacticalnut
Nice but 450.00?! OMG the most expensive bars I have seen.
Plus shipping.
Well worth every penny
Trust me when I say they are a notch above in quality

 on: Yesterday at 09:41:28 PM 
Started by Threephase - Last post by bigC

 on: Yesterday at 09:40:12 PM 
Started by TraumaSlave - Last post by TraumaSlave

So is Moron county Rhea or Hamilton?  'cause either would work..... ;D
That would be Monroe. Lol  :huepfenjump3:

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