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 on: Today at 07:32:33 AM 
Started by newseultra07 - Last post by Serdvd6

 on: Today at 06:47:02 AM 
Started by newseultra07 - Last post by lpennock
Not to mention how shallow the hole is in button heads compared to other types.

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 on: Today at 05:18:49 AM 
Started by gpopvet - Last post by victor
Congrats on the bike mate, is it yellow, can't quite make it out lol.

Love my 07 and though I know I'll own another Harley at some stage, the springer won't be going anywhere!


 on: Today at 01:01:12 AM 
Started by Shawrco - Last post by SDCVO
Alan, do you have your floorboards and controls moved out or are they in the stock location?  I'm just curious if one of us short guys could get around the problem by extending the boards and controls outward an inch or so.  I hate to give up cornering clearance, but a one inch spacer is usually OK on bikes that haven't been lowered front and rear.


Btw, looks really good.  Of course it would look better if it was red (right Twolane?), but my second choice is always black.   ;D
They are stock. Dealer told me if I had any issue they could do the extensions but I don't think I will need to. Thanks

 on: Today at 12:52:59 AM 
Started by Yellow09SERG - Last post by Yellow09SERG
Another option you may want to consider is Fox Racing Shox.

I ended up getting these here:

I’ve used Ohlins and Fox on bikes for years. First Fox shocks I got as far back as 1978. I had Ohlins on my last Street Glide and they were fine. I had a similar experience as you had with the JRI. One of mine started leaking before I had 20k miles on them. This time I decided to try Fox on them. I only have about a thousand miles on them at this point, but completely satisfied. They are also rebuildable and Fox has been around awhile, so not worried about it.

Either way both shocks are good choices. I bought the fox shocks with the standard spring. I only weigh 200lbs bare-assed and my wife has her own bike. Almost always ride solo. The pre-load adjuster is essentially in the center of the adjustable range, so good to go there as well. Same for the rebound adjustment. The shocks were listed at $720 on the site, and I got %10 off that with free shipping.


Thank you for the options. The Fox are probably a very good shock but honestly I will probably stick with Ohlins.

 on: Today at 12:49:08 AM 
Started by Yellow09SERG - Last post by Yellow09SERG
I replaced my rear shocks late last year with the Ohlins 772 which is a black version of the 159 and the 3-3 from Howard. Since it was late last season I don't have a lot of miles on them, and made a big improvement in the ride, I also did the FKC102 cartridges in the front. I don't know anything about the other brands out there, but I think just about anything you get is going to be a big improvement over the stock parts.

Thank you for the comparison.

 on: Today at 12:43:38 AM 
Started by newseultra07 - Last post by Yellow09SERG
I put a dab of blue thread locker on them & just barely tightened up. I may remove them & apply anti seize. I couldn't find any small washers so just put on without any.. The stock washers on torx bolts won't come off...Hopefully with the button head cap screws will not have problem getting off in future...

I went back with a regular allen instead of the button head. Use a lot of button head allens at work and not uncommon to have to drill the head just as you did the Torx. The amount of surfaces area under the head of the button seems to add enough friction that they are like they were installed with green loctite, but once the head is drilled off they will unscrew by hand

 on: Today at 12:12:20 AM 
Started by Twolanerider - Last post by Twolanerider
This should probably go up in the "Ride Report" section.  Screw it, someone might actually notice it up there!

Got the old bike running today.  New carb arrived this morning.  Had to score a petcock from an indie shop about an hour away in the middle of the process as the fuel valve was crapped out too.  So now the bike is stylin' with the brand new Mikuni carb and shiny chrome Pingel fuel valve.  No more vacuum operated petcock.  Fortunately the old VOES switch is still good and is working right at the vacuum levels it's supposed to.

After getting the bike buttoned up and a few other chores got to head out for a shake down cruise about 6:00.  Got home about ten and logged about 200 miles.  Everything worked as it should and the bike ran and handled great.  Very well indeed and I'm very pleased with how it's doing.

Decided while riding this evening not even going to experiment with mids and know the forward controls are just slightly too long for me to ride comfortably all the time.  My feet kept trying to find floorboards so that's what will go on it.  Also realized that after a few hours at speed on even two lane state roads I want a windshield for it.  That's be about it though.  Aside from just being filthy right now I'm liking about everything else about it.  Everything from the stock wheels to the patina of the old exhaust all please me much more than I expected they would.  The bike will stay pretty much as it is.  Was a fun evening.

 on: Today at 12:03:36 AM 
Started by ChopperPilot - Last post by Twolanerider
Rode that bitch.  The new (old) one.  Replaced the carb and a petcock on the new-to-me old FXR2, dialed in a few other small things and finally got to ride it some.  Four hours and 200+ miles later we were home and the bike and I had bonded.   :drink:

 on: Yesterday at 11:49:45 PM 
Started by Puzzled - Last post by SDCVO
XM reception on the 18 CVO Road glide stock is better than the reception on the 17 CVO Street glide stock.  That said there is an easy fix on the 17 CVO Street glide.  I moved mine up on top of the fairing next to the vent, on the opposite side of the button to close the vent.  Its not noticeable and works very well, better than the CVO road glide stock.
I did the same and it works great now, horrible before.

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