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Author Topic: Were these awesome machines actually sold/made available to the general public??  (Read 9941 times)

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Any idea as to the production total?
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Any idea as to the production total?

YES they were available to the public. (I had a "unfired" one in my garage for 3 years).

PRODUCTION TOTAL:  635 according to Harley-Davidson Corporate.

There was an allotment to dealers on a first come first serve basis until all were sold.

They were called "Race Bike In A Box"  

Consistant mid 9's in the quarter mile with some --a very few in the high 8's

These are race only bike and not intended for street riding.

I hope this helps.


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Still see them at dealers from time to time. One in Denver at a dealer there.


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Still see them at dealers from time to time. One in Denver at a dealer there.

One just inside the front door at the Joplin, MO dealership also.


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I had one on order. When it came in I backed out. I had someone that wanted to race the bike but somehow things just didn't work out . The owner of the Dealership told me no problem because he wanted it. It is still sitting down there. Sometimes on display. Still a fast looking bike!!!  

I'm sure that if I really wanted to campaign the bike he would still sell it.

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