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Author Topic: Screamin' Eagle Street Performance High-Flow 58mm EFI Throttle Body 27200029  (Read 547 times)

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Has anyone with a '15 or '16 110" Stage II (w/SE-585 cam) upgraded their intake to this 58mm Throttle Body? If so, I'd appreciate your evaluation.

As the SE-585 cam is designed for low rpm torque, I was advised I could retain my stock valve springs if not seeking high rpm performance. Was very pleased with the increased low rpm torque the 585-cam provided, but very disappointed at performance over 3000 rpm, as in passing at 70 mph+ (expected just a bit more). I have the SE High Flow Exhaust System with 4.5" Street Cannons, so don't think back pressure breathing is an issue. Tuning is via Fuel Moto Dynojet Power Vision Tuner & Wide-Band Target Tune.

Questions: Wondering if 3k-5k rpm extra breathing provided by the 58mm TB would be meaningful considering the low rpm torque 585 cam? Also, what size TB comes stock with the '15/'15 110" CVO motor?
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$$ vs. improvement, doubtful.  :(

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