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 on: Today at 07:47:38 PM 
Started by muddypaws - Last post by rayson56
Do you have a correct email for Gary?

 on: Today at 06:05:29 PM 
Started by muddypaws - Last post by FLSTFI Dave
I am interested in the electric motorcycle.  I did a demo on the Live wire, instant torque.

However Harley is sadly missing the mark on it.  Cost is way to high, recharge time way to long, and range way to short. 

There are others on the market for 10K less, that charge quicker, and have a longer range.

I like the Tesla.  But again, range is an issue for me.  Needs to be at least double.  They are very quick

 on: Today at 05:58:30 PM 
Started by ultrafxr - Last post by FLSTFI Dave
I doubt if HD marketing is going to use the fact that 2,500 HD owners turned out for the funeral of someone in a criminal organization...but I could be wrong.

While they may not point out that it was for "TACO".  Harley for years has used the Bad Ass biker image, which comes from groups like the Hells Angles and Outlaws and so on. 

They still try to sell that image, look at the latest HOG patches for example.

 on: Today at 05:51:19 PM 
Started by TraumaSlave - Last post by FLSTFI Dave
Keep an eye out for FLSTFIDave and CVOJoe to come rolling in.
In Lafayette LA for training.  Will probably be over at SMHD Thursday or Friday afternoon, to order touch up paint and have a cigar and beer.

As for paying for a tune, I have always got a copy of the tune

 on: Today at 04:39:05 PM 
Started by ultrafxr - Last post by RonandJanet
Interesting read on above posts. I agree with idea that we should be free to ride whatever we like and life is too short to worry about what others feel is the correct bike to ride.
Other's opinions or tastes seem to change over the years. I remember when only "real bikers" rode Harleys that were hardtails with no windshields and just threw on a set of leather bags for storage on a trip, anything else and you were a wuss. You were also expected to do your own roadside repairs and no one had heard of a cell phone. You also didn't have a music device since you wanted to hear the bike or enjoy the sounds of nature. Then you were also looked down upon if you trailered or rode a trike (unless you were handicapped ,that was the term back in the olden days.)
I tried my best not to fit the mold and rode what I wanted in my early days, which was a Honda 750F because I wanted speed and performance as a youngster. I later rode a Goldwing because again i wanted comfort and dependability, It never let me down and had many happy times on both bikes.
I did however remember my first experience on a motorcycle riding on my uncle's Harley and loved the feel and sound.
In 1997 I bought my first Harley and it brought back lots of old memories and by that time I didn't have to have the fastest bike or one with all the fancy bells and whistles on it. I gradually moved up to the CVOs and enjoyed them for what they were and accepted that they weren't the fastest or best handling bikes on the road but the met my needs.
I don't know what i would buy next but I would check out all brands and ride whatever fits my needs and budget, I would want a bike that performs well, is dependable and I think I would want one that is more "turn key" and just buy and ride without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it to run right or look flashy.
As far as not knowing what to do with all the Harley t-shirts you can do what I have done 3 or 4 times over the last 10 years....send them to and have them converted to quilts, wall hangers, totes bags or pillows etc.

I also rode several bikes and landed on a 1979 750F for the same reasons along with dependability. I went to numerous Bike weeks back in the day (still go sometimes now) and loved the Harley's.  I couldn't really afford one at the time and they had a habit of breaking down. But I loved their look and of course the sound.  Years later the quality is up and I end up getting a Harley.  I have had many now and just love the look and sound.  As mentioned I have never been stranded and I have been through some of the worst weather and conditions.  The dealers I have had always take care of me. I have posted numerous time how great they have been to me. I can see the good in almost any bike but the style and reliability is very important to me. I think everyone should ride what they want and I am just glad they are riding. I like the biking community and enjoy riding my Harley every day I can!

 on: Today at 04:17:45 PM 
Started by ultrafxr - Last post by ultrafxr
:indian_chief: maybe if it was the other guys, you would shut the **** UP
If you don't like the thread don't read it.  No cause to be rude.

 on: Today at 02:45:08 PM 
Started by OBB - Last post by danner55
  yep, they are in bad financial situation! bankruptcy, is most likely next! guess I will try to cash out on the ESP.

I called ESP claims # I did talk to to Customer Service.  Denise answered all my questions regarding my policy & I feel good about not wanting to cancel it. Board Tracker problems will not affect the ESP & now I don't have to talk to Jim or Kathy @ Board Tracker with any questions. I hope when I have to file a claim that I get the same kind of customer service.

 on: Today at 02:05:40 PM 
Started by hd-dude - Last post by hd-dude
This topic has been moved to Electronic Toys and Gadgets.

 on: Today at 12:12:11 PM 
Started by IowaCajun - Last post by IowaCajun
I have an HD adjustable back rest on my 15 SGCVO. Does anyone have a good route to run the rear main wiring plug under the seat. After installing the back rest? I can't seem to find a good spot for it. Any ideas and pic's would be appreciated.

 on: Today at 10:19:46 AM 
Started by jeroenelectrum - Last post by hrdtail78
So, he blocks off a port with a gauge and shows you pressure.  Then he puts another breather into the system.  With the original hole still blocked.  He reads pressure again.  What does this really show us?  what the pressure is in between the umbrella breather valve and gauge when an out let is blocked.

He needs to tap into the cam cover and measure pressure from there.  Without a one way valve. Would also be better if he read pressure at crank cavity as well.  This would be reading pressure in parallel to the breather bolts.

Is this another breather passage that allows crank case pressure out?  Sure is. Just like the unit that was brought to market for the TC engine.  Question is, is it really needed and is it addressing the issue or is it a band aid?

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