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Author Topic: Down, but not on a bike...  (Read 16629 times)

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Re: Down, but not on a bike...
« Reply #45 on: November 15, 2017, 08:48:00 PM »

I'm in the Civilian town just outside of Wheeler Army Airfield.i can hear the drones fly around at night.

Let me know if you make it. We will have a beer of two at the Pub just off the base.



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Re: Down, but not on a bike...
« Reply #46 on: February 14, 2019, 12:43:28 AM »


Here is an update:

After the Lumbar Fusion at L4-L5 on November 8 2017, after much Physical Therapy I was finally cleared to get back on the bike in late July 2018.

The day the doc cleared me I went to the dealership, and told them that I was cleared to ride. They asked when I wanted to pick her up and they said they would take her down stairs and get her ready... I said Saturday... so July 28 2018 I was finally able to get to the my ass back in the saddle... almost 4 years after the initial accident that took me off the bike to begin with.

A good cigar, a couple of laps around the parking lot, a short ride up the street and back and I was ready to go home... boy did this feel good!

My friend Larry chose to accompany on the ride home....

My neck was the next issue that needed to be addressed... C3-C4-C5 (or was it C2-C3-C4?) anyway.. whichever 2 they were were next.. fortunately the cervical fusion isn't anywhere near as invasive as the lumbar fusion was... 30 days off the bike... September 13, 2018...

Doc surgery went well again, (Same neurosurgeon) very happy with his work.... (I wonder if he gives frequent flier miles?)

Then... the curve ball hits... 2 weeks after surgery I'm home.. not feeling well. the next day I realize I cant bear any weight on my legs.
Entirely unrelated to the surgery, I'm having cardiac arrhythmia... EMS shows up... they hook me up to the EKG in the ambulance and ask me if I knew what V-tach is.... I understand its an irregular heartbeat... how do you fix it... ???

They subsequently tell my they might have to shock me back into a normal sinus rhythm. The first thing out of my mouth is waitaminit... there are alternatives to this, right? medication? The thought of being shocked while conscious is a little freaky... 

The local hospital is 3 blocks away. They say transport, let them work on me there... and in my head I'm thinking... they don't have a cardiac unit there... WTF?

Sure enough... they "stabilize" me... all I heard was this might sting a little ( a little my freaking A=ZZ) and "charge to 100" the next thing I know I felt all my organs jumping around in my chest cavity. OK.. they get me stable.. then they transport me AGAIN (a SECOND CHARGE BTW) to the hospital with a cardiac unit which was a 15 minute ride away.

I swear if I ever get a chance to hit someone with those paddles I don't like I will! That chit hurts for a damn week!

1 stent installed, I spent three more days there because I was in complete renal failure not realizing I had no blood flow to my lower extremities (why I couldn't walk) so they waited to see if my kidneys would recover. Blood work every four hours. I was a damn human pin cushion!

3 days later they send me home all good.

A week later I follow up with the cardiologist.. he asks how I'm doing... I say going crazy, staying home... He asks why I'm home... I said that was the discharge orders.... he says no.. now you can resume your normal work routine.... grrrr...

After a couple of medication adjustments, me PB is stupid low... 100/70 on a high day.. 80/50 on a low day... get me stuck in traffic for an hour you might get me up to 120/80

Now, PT twice a week for the neck, a Bone Growth Stimulator to assist the fusion... (co-pay is almost $900) I wear it daily 4 hours a day, for 270 days

the last repair is supposedly for my left shoulder... which I cant do without my cardiologist clearance.... he wants to do a heart MRI in March...

This has been a great learning experience.

That's been the last 2 years in 2 minutes of reading. 

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