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My Harley FLHTK, is suffering oil migration from g/box into primary chain case. The dealer says that is not covered by my extended warranty. He says I need a breather kit fitting at a cost of £400 or thereabouts. I intend to do this myself, are there options available, if so which is the best. Your advice would be much appreciated.

I would recommend the vent kit from Harley Davidson, I know there are other fixes out there, but this one worked on my bike, I noticed mine had transferred 8 OZ at the first oil change, took it to dealer and they installed the vent kit under warranty, I'm assuming your bike is older than 2 years. It doesn't look very difficult to do, lots of videos on it.

Good luck

The HD kit was installed on my 2019 cvo as soon as they rolled it out.

Mine also had major transfer since new. The dealer was just following HD’s procedure
Unfortunately the damage was already done to my trans and it broke just after the 2 yr warranty was over so HD would not cover the damage.

Do the kit yourself, it’s not that difficult. The kit is $$$$ but includes gasket and good instructions.


2 cent hose with instructions / template and gaskets (which if are in good condition are not needed) $50 bucks.  At least that what I paid.  Makes you love HD for making us pay for a known issue and mod they installed on newer bikes.  You could do this mod without this kit but the 2 cent pre-formed hose has a backing and fits properly in the hole (if you drill it right). 

More pics


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