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Paint Codes for Dante Black Sunglo and Dante Red



I am a 2018 Road Glide owner from India. Unfortunately in India, Harley does not sell the CVO RGU. It only sells the Street Glide CVO. I am trying to repaint my bike which is currently Wicked Red. As per Indian regulations, I need to stay with some shade(s) or red.

I am thinking of copying the Dante Red Fade which is on the 2022 CVO RGU.

May I request if anyone has the paint codes for the Dante Red and the Dante Black Sunglo used in the scheme. We have some good custom painters in India, but unfortunately not the access to the paints itself.

Thanks in advance


Hey Develish,

I just saw your post and my information maybe too late but here goes. The CVO paint codes are not shared by Harley, they don’t want to dilute the CVO product. If you happen to know someone with a 2022 CVO Road Glide or someone with CVO Trike a good body shop can duplicate it if they see it.


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