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Wifi Access Point Password



I have a new 2024 CVO Street Glide and I'm trying to connect to my bikes wifi access point. 

I've searched everywhere, including my dealer and sales guy for the password.

I don't have the default and whe I reset the PW, I don't know what it resets to. It's not my pin.

This is NOT connecting the bike to my iphone Hotspot, but reversed. 

I need this to connect my bike to apply carplay.


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Your salesman is an idiot. Your bike does not have a hotspot. It has wifi to connect to your home wifi or your phone's hotspot. You do not need any wifi to connect your iPhone to use carplay.


"Your salesman is an idiot."   8)

Say it ain't so!   :beerchug:

CarPlay is by Bluetooth or wired, both work.  Bike doesn't have WiFi hot spot.  Bike can connect to home WIFI or Phone Hot Spot.  Phone Hot Spot is for weather overlay on bikes NAV.


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