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 on: Yesterday at 11:21:23 PM 
Started by Ironhorse - Last post by Ironhorse
I had to install a new Throttle Body/Induction Module on my '06 CVO Ultra.

My cruise control went out before I left for Afghanistan.  I was deployed unexpectedly and told myself I'd take care of it when I got back.  While overseas I reviewed all the possible problems.  I read tech reports and watched YouTube videos on Cruise Control Issues.  Planning ahead I went to Ronnies on line and ordered the On/Off Cruise Switch on the lower switch panel and the Set/Cruise switch on the right side handlebar.  Two weeks after I got home I installed the switches, checked the Roll Off Switch in front of the tank and all the brake lights.  Still wouldn't work.  I have plans to ride up north with GoldWing John and visit my cousin Alan and Roger Lane (TrapperDog) next week so I wanted cruise.  Bartels didn't have any openings, so I went to Pacific HD in Harbor City.

I dropped the bike off on Tuesday the 15th.  Later Moses the service writer called and and said the bike needed a new induction unit/throttle body. The tech discovered that the pin on the pin wheel is so worn out that the clip on the end of the cruise cable just falls off. The new unit is $554.00. They will replace the intake seals. I was skeptical and checked the microfiche at Ronnies HD and they wanted $508.00 for it. There is no replacement for the pin wheel. You have to buy the WHOLE unit.  There were no take off throttle bodies at the shop. Aftermarket ones from HPI, J&P and Dennis Kirk start at $700. I want to keep the bike stock as I don't want to tune it again.  Moses said he would order the part it would come in in a day or two.  I said okay.  Now the frustration starts.

Thursday, (Two Days Later), I call them for a follow up. I am told the part has to come from HD and will arrive on the 28th. I asked Moses if the parts guy checked the network to see if anyone has it. Moses says, "Oh that's the first thing they do". I hang up and start calling dealers. I find one 90 miles away in north San Diego. I call the service department and Alex the service guy tells me, "If you want to go and pick it up, that's the ONLY way it's gonna happen.  And while you’re there pick up the seal kit as well, we need it for your bike”.  So I get in the car and start to drive 90 miles and pick it up. While in the car I get a call from Alex in service, he says the only place that has the seal kit is the dealer in Huntington Beach.  They put it under my name.  So now I have to go to two dealers.  Moses the first service guy calls me and says, "We're having it overnighted, it will be here on Tuesday". I said "Moses, you're three plays behind in the game, I found the part and am on my way to pick it up.  And Tuesday is NOT overnight". Now I'm a parts runner for this place. The lack of communication is just frustrating. I feel like I am doing their job for them. 

I got the new one and sure enough, the pin on the pin wheel is plastic.  I took a look at my old one, and it was plastic too. Both it and the cable clip were so worn that the clip doesn't hold.  If the pin had been made of metal it would not have worn out. In the old days an ambitious tech would grind off the old worn pin, installed a screw, and hand file the screw head till it fit the cable clip. A couple hours of labor and $4.00 in parts would get it done.  But today the answer is replace the whole throttle body.  I guess the "upside" is now I have new injectors and sensors.

Damn HD and their cheap plastic parts.

 on: Yesterday at 08:35:18 PM 
Started by Jock - Last post by Jock
You went through the skinniest part with the worst highways  :o

Should have come up the scenic route - would have driven right by us.

Dang!  I did take a few detours along the way but do not know the road numbers. I forgot you moved!  Hope you are enjoying the area.

 on: Yesterday at 08:06:47 PM 
Started by HOGMIKE - Last post by HOGMIKE
my rear dose  that when it heats up and pressures up... 51 psi is as high as it will read. :nixweiss: i know thats no help, but. they all do that ?!?

Not that it matters, but having a $45k motorcycle and have one of the options touted by the salesman not working is an issue for me.

When I was working part of my job was to ensure that things worked as the sales staff promised.
They still got their commission! LOL

It’s sad the dealers don’t make more of an issue with the factory on “little” issues like this.
I’m retired and will keep bugging them until I get things working as promised.

 on: Yesterday at 07:39:57 PM 
Started by FLSTFI Dave - Last post by VMAX-VROD
I am running factory compensator.

Any chance other pipes instead of Fullsacs would produce a few more HP?

 on: Yesterday at 07:38:19 PM 
Started by VMAX-VROD - Last post by VMAX-VROD
130" reply #25. This build is a touring application.

I love that build. Great job, Don.  :orange: :mango: :bananarock: :apple: :carrot: :jalapeno: :cucumber: :pineapple: :pepper:

 on: Yesterday at 07:36:49 PM 
Started by FLSTFI Dave - Last post by VMAX-VROD
I am running factory compensator.

I keep reading this and giggling like a little kid. I love this build.

 on: Yesterday at 07:24:25 PM 
Started by HOGMIKE - Last post by fastfreddy
my rear dose  that when it heats up and pressures up... 51 psi is as high as it will read. :nixweiss: i know thats no help, but. they all do that ?!?

 on: Yesterday at 06:17:46 PM 
Started by HOGMIKE - Last post by Cvostu
The sensors are junk. They constantly have issues. Mine would do that at high speed. Then would go back to normal when I would slow down.  I'd keep replacing.    Stuart.

 on: Yesterday at 06:13:00 PM 
Started by CVO To Go - Last post by kojak
What year and model?

 on: Yesterday at 06:03:31 PM 
Started by CVO To Go - Last post by CVO To Go
I'm wondering if anyone has experienced an issue with all the speakers intermittently cutting out.  There are no visual changes in the display.  I'm a little reluctant to take off the outside portion of the fairing to gain access to the back of the radio, but that seems to be my only recourse. 


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