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Gimme Five!!! FLHTCUSE 5 - Who has one? Where is the CVO actually located?

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I found a couple of threads about other FLHTCUSE models but not the "FIVE"

Please with pic and actual mileage.

My Blue Flame:

FLHCUSE 5 in Riptide blue/Titanium Dust

56.000 mls, sold & raised in Wisconsin, now running in Germany and the rest of Europe

Ride free!

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Bought mine used a couple of years ago with 8,400 miles, now has a little over 45,600. 

I always just call the color "Root Beer" but H-D calls it something like Burnt Amber, Orange, something else.

Memphis, TN


Bought new in Arizona.
had 83,000 before lifter failed....being rebuilt now.

That's the one I got too, that's "Root Beer".

Just passed the 100,000 miles with new engine.


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