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Author Topic: Trapper dog  (Read 27833 times)

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Re: Trapper dog
« Reply #105 on: June 26, 2021, 09:21:25 PM »

GoldWing John and I rode out to visit Roger on Friday June 26th. Roger is at his new facility in Jamestown at the base of the California Sierras. He’s been there since early June.

As with the rest of us Covid made things difficult for Roger. Due to heightened non-contact rules in care facilities Roger missed out on much needed physical therapy.  His gains were set back a little. It is hoped he will recover and strengthen enough to where Melanie can bring him home to their house in neighboring Soulsbyville. While we were there Roger was quite alert. John and I brought him a breakfast burrito and coffee. Melanie fed him and he devoured it with gusto. Later John worked with Roger on eye hand coordination by tossing a ballon and letting Roger bat it with a paddle. He did rather well!

Roger speaks in random access phrases. He greeted us with a warm “Good to see you, thanks for coming”. He remembered my wife Denise, but associated her with an unrelated past action.  I wasn’t sure he knew who we were, as I hadn’t visited in well over a year. However when it was time to leave I kissed his forehead and said “I love you, Roger Lane”. He replied in a warm but mocking tione, “I love you Mark Paz”. That really brought it home. He’s still Roger.

I have photos of the visit but out of privacy and respect won’t post them. If you’d like to see them please PM me your email address. Please don’t post them on the internet. I know Andy has been out to visit him.

If you’d like to visit him, please check with Melanie first.

"But men are men, the best sometimes forget" Shakespeare, Othello Act 2, Scene 3
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