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Things I have done (so far) with my 07 since I got it in April

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Got this 07 in April after I totaled my old Road King.  I rode choppers most of my life, so cushy was not a goal.  But for the kind of riding I am doing with my organization, I really needed another bagger, which was the only reason I had the Road King.  So I can throw on the touring seat and tour pak in a few minutes and have done several times.  Nice to have the options.  I never had a bike with all this quick change stuff.  Kind of fun.  Like having three bikes.  I have another Harley anyway, a 1987 Softail chopper, plus a vintage Triumph chopper, CB 500T chopper, XS650, and one or two others...  But I am just having a ball with this thing.  Does that mean I am getting old?  Is it a geezer pleaser?  I dunno.  Even set up with the Danny Gray butt crack seat and slammed with 10 1/4 shocks it's cushy to me.  Blows my mind people complaining about seats, shocks, vibrations, etc around here.  New crowd for me.

Removable tour pak from factory, no antenna holes in tour pak.  FM antenna mount under left saddlebag filler (no CB antenna that I can find).

Hooker tunable true dual exhaust.

Removed lower fairing.

Custom 10.25 inch shocks.  You can go 10 inches but then might as well resort to solid struts.  It actually rides like a dream two up, stiff one up on lowest pre-load.  Which is fine for me.  I have had a lot of hardtails.

Mustang Deluxe Touring seat.
Danny Gray Butt Crack solo and pillion.  That seat puts me waaay back, feet forward.  Actually a Road King seat, so I am getting the Harley dash filler piece.  I am going to have that embroidered with a logo.  My wife has embroidery machines.
Have original seat as well.  I prefer the Mustang.

Harley quick release backrest.

Tall quick release sissybar.

Kuryakyn plain black windshield trim.

Klock Werks windshield.

No...I was not going for a "Street Glide look".  It's just changes the way I want them.  CVO parts I take off are all put away.  Not selling any of it.


You have been busy. Looks good.   :2vrolijk_21:

Hey ChopDoc....

I have the same bike, got mine last November (it's going to be 1!!).

Mine has the quick release tour pack, but I have to break this thing down because it didn't come stock that way, and I'd like to remove the TP when I'm riding solo to work and back.  What did you do with the amp?  Wiring for the radio/controls?

I have the same bike and I am sure that the front wheel and rotors are not stock. You say the tour pak was factory with quick disconnect and no antenna holes. I'm not aware that was even an option from the factory. I'm also guessing that the speakers are not connected to an amp anymore, but if they are I would like to know where the amp is located now. I have almost 50K miles on mine now and have had done a few engine upgrades including Screamin' Eagle compensator, S&S lifters and SE adjustable pushrods. The bike runs great and is very comfortable on long rides. You may want to put those lowers back on this winter. They do a good job of keeping your legs protected from the wind. In my opinion, the candy cherry and black ice color combination is the best looking CVO Harley ever produced.


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