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Things I have done (so far) with my 07 since I got it in April

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Hi-  Thanks.

Just checked back here after a long time and I saw this reply from a year ago.  Yes, I know how these tour paks came from the factory.  It is interesting to consider how this bike ended up the way it is.  It is a CVO bike, the VIN checks out with Harley.  The non-original chrome wheels were ordered at Harley and installed at Harley, they found records of that, but I don't know why, and I don't know why the floating rotors are gone. 

It's a CVO tour pak, but without the antenna holes.  It has the CVO logo, in the lid, which I do not believe was on any plain tour pak you could order.  It also has the power lock keyed the same as the rest of the bike.  But again, no antenna holes.  You can't feel any holes under the leather in the body of the tour pak either, so apparently they were never drilled.  There was never an option for such a thing, but there it is.  Sure, lots of people removed the amp etc. when they put the quick release mount on...but how are there no antenna holes?

I have asked sales people, service techs, service managers, parts counter people, etc., whenever I think of it.  It hasn't really been a main pursuit but I have asked a number of Harley people.  One guy seemed to remember one that was done at the dealership, brand new, by swapping out the main body of the tour pak with one that was ordered from Harley without antenna holes, along with the quick release kit etc.  But he could not remember for sure nor could he say that it was my bike.

The similar non-CVO tour pak was available I think, maybe called "deluxe"?  Not sure.  I haven't really researched it.  I am guessing it had no antenna holes and was the source for this tour pak body.  If I come across part numbers for that I will be interested.  The 2006 and 2007 CVO part numbers only list one with the antenna holes.

I any case I really like the bike.  COVID really put a damper on things so I have only put 20K on it in the three years since I got it.  Normally I would be riding that much in a year.  I have done a few more things with it.  I got a genuine CVO passenger backrest.  It already had the stage 1 air cleaner so I just took off the big cover and put something smaller on.  I also put a 2005 FLHTCSE2 console on it, which is the same as the 08 street glide.  I am running the shorter Road King seat so it fills the gap, gets rid of the ugly CB hump, and it has the CVO logo on the console insert.  The 2005 CVO console insert is light candy cherry, very hard to find. 

I am not really a CVO type guy, but it has brought another aspect to owning the bike that has been fun, like tracking down the 2005 console info, CVO insert info, then actually finding the parts. 


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