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I Just picked up a 2020 CVO Street Glide in Sand dune. I’m loving the smoother idle, mechanical quietness and Smooth power delivery but missing my 117 twin cams 125 HP and TQ so I opted to upgrade to a Fuel Moto 128 big bore kit. We are looking at the 10.75 to 1 compression kit With stock heads and throttle body adding a Fuel Moto Jackpot head pipe, Fullsac 2.25 baffles, Dyno Jet Power Commander with a Fuel Moto map and auto tune and a new cam developed by Woods and Fuel Moto. The cam is either a 22E or 22XE that is brand new and just being released from testing. According to fuel Moto it makes better TQ then the 22X and gives a very smooth power delivery. My goal is strong roll on power and effortless acceleration while still pulling from way down low and smoothly. Any thoughts on this set up? I love my 117’s top end pull but it is not as smooth or happy under 2750 To 3000 RPM as I want for relaxed riding. it’s also very sensitive to throttle inputs and is very jerky when making small throttle movements.

Sounds like a decent build... Keep us updated... Did you even consider the H-D 131 kit??

Yes I did, but I wanted more sound and $$ for $$ way more options after market. 3 cubic inches is minimal. I want the higher low end TQ and sound of non catted header.

I do not know anything about Fuel Moto's / Woods new cams.  I do know lots of people are happy with Fuel Moto kits and results.  You should be able to see in the 130's for torque with stock heads and throttle body.  Compression has a lot of effect on the Torque, is that his low compression Kit?  The M8 will easily handle more compression than that.

To me the shape of the torque curve, where it start and how big the area under it is more important than peak numbers.  Does Fuel Moto have any dyno runs with these new cams?  I like torque to come on strong by 2300 rpm or so and hold good and flat until at least 4000 rpm or more.  I prefer peak torque around 3500 rpm. 

I understand not doing the 131 kit, there are pros and cons to both ways.  I did a 130 on my CVO RG, not a kit.

They show a peak of 142 TQ with the 22X cam in this configuration and the XE is suppose to be stronger. It’s making 125 ish TQ at 2000 rpm quickly climbing to over 140 by 3000 RPM and pulls HP up to about 5000 RPM then levels off.  My current twin cam 117 comes on later and pulls more HP but I think I’m going to like the roll on power of this set up more.


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