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This is a 117ci Stage 3 with the first pull being with a Screaming Eagle  Pro Street Tuner and Autotune.  The rest were after the same build, just replaced the SE PST with a Thundermax. Please give me some more feedback as to what your speaking to as I'm interested to hear.


The dyno sheet reads different numbers for the TQ and HP when you follow the line across. Left side is 120 right side is 125 on the same line for example. As far as the actual numbers go you have a very big TQ dip in the cruising range just over 2000 RPM and very low low end TQ numbers for a 117. My guess is your exhaust is hurting you and or the cam. Take a look at The dyno sheets on Fuel motto’s website. I’m looking more for the smooth Flat line TQ That pulls everywhere. Your build is more off a high end HP build.

Yea I did see that drop and to be honest, the shaky line concerned me more than the dip but I did see that as well. The Cam in here is HD Torque cam 498 and agree that down under 2500 it loses but when I need to do something I always downshift anyway but I am looking for another cam. I was thinking maybe the S&S 475 or Red Shift 468. Maybe this new Woods 22x-e cam.

My bike regardless of the sheet pulls right to redline. It's waiting to have the Autotune pushed to the base map and a dyno run completed. I'll know more then and I'll post. I haven't seen any Stage 3 builds on FuelMoto site to compare what I have too though.

The SS 475 cam can be tricky to tune, but runs great if you can... The RS 468 is the way I would go with your above build... Just an awesome all around cam...

Any thoughts on the 22XE cam from Woods that Fuelmoto has in comparison to the RS 468? I'd like to eliminate that immediate dip in torque and have a higher overall torque gain. Not sure if I can get another 5 HP out of this or not, but I see 114ci bikes without the Stage 3 getting my results.

Does anyone really know other than compression, what the differences are with the stock 117 cyl and the stage 3 cylinders? Like if I got some 11.1 pistons, and have the same cam etc. what's the diff? Why did I have to spend $3k?


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