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128 upgrade 2020 CVO Street Glide

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--- Quote from: 1roadking on June 15, 2020, 07:04:45 AM ---So I had this kit installed (Fuel Moto 128 10.75 to 1 compression with Jackpot header, Wood’s 22XE cam, stock throttle body and heads and fullsac 2.25 baffles , we loaded the base map from Fuel Moto And ran 3 auto tune sessions On the Power Vision, the AFR was only off by 1.5%, so the map was on the money! This is the nicest running smoothest bike I have ever owned. The power is Effort less and everywhere, it runs smoother then stock. I was going to have it dyno tuned but it runs so well I’m afraid to mess with it LOL. I like the sound of the Fullsac 2.25 baffles way more then I thought I would. Sound clips do them 0 justice. This set up is perfect for a bagger, super strong low end but carries way out. It almost feels like a VVT set up:)

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Do you have any Dyno sheet from the build? I'd like to see what that cam did with the 128.

Unfortunately, no. I have not had it on a Dino yet.  My guess is 125 to 130 HP and 145 TQ. It pulls so hard from 2000 up its intoxicating lol. The base tune is so good from Fuel Moto that I’m in no rush to have it tuned.

After running this set up all summer I’m tickled pink:) the power, sound and refinement are top notch. I would not hesitate doing this exact same build again. I’m going to have it tuned I. The spring just to make sure it’s the best it can be, but the canned map runs better then any bike I’ve ridden. I’m also interested to see my numbers. The bike also runs very cool.

Update, added a SE64 MM throttle body with Ward intake and had the bike Dino’s and the numbers are awesome. It was in STD but a 5th gear pull so should be in line with Fuel Moto’s 6th gear pulls in SAE. 

Really nice! I know this is a month old but I had been following your progress and I like what I see. I'm planning a similar build with the same 128 kit that you used from Fuel Moto. I have already done the cam chest upgrade to all S&S plus the RS468 cam. I purchased a slightly used Stage IV kit from one of the members here and I'm going to re-use the CNC heads and 64mm throttle body and intake from the kit. I already have the complete Fulsac setup including 2" baffles and TTS and throwing a new set of Fueling lifters in for good measure since I have well over 20k on the S&S's.

I hope that I'm as happy with mine as you are with yours!!


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