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128 upgrade 2020 CVO Street Glide

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I was just asking about the H-D 131 kit.. I went aftermarket 128 with headwork and I’m very happy with my setup...Lots of great choices for the M8 platform...


--- Quote from: 1roadking on May 15, 2020, 07:02:47 AM ---They show a peak of 142 TQ with the 22X cam in this configuration and the XE is suppose to be stronger. It’s making 125 ish TQ at 2000 rpm quickly climbing to over 140 by 3000 RPM and pulls HP up to about 5000 RPM then levels off.  My current twin cam 117 comes on later and pulls more HP but I think I’m going to like the roll on power of this set up more.

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Just looked art 3 different builds using the 22x and stock heads and TB with 10.75 compression.  Nice torque curve, comes on early and long and flat. 

Yes it does. I called Fuel Moto and got info on the 22X-E and it’s suppose to be very similar down low but pull HP to 5500 RPM! Sounds like a winner for sure.


--- Quote from: 1roadking on May 13, 2020, 10:59:48 PM ---I Just picked up a 2020 CVO Street Glide in Sand dune. I’m loving the smoother idle, mechanical quietness and Smooth power delivery but missing my 117 twin cams 125 HP and TQ so I opted to upgrade to a Fuel Moto 128 big bore kit. We are looking at the 10.75 to 1 compression kit With stock heads and throttle body adding a Fuel Moto Jackpot head pipe, Fullsac 2.25 baffles, Dyno Jet Power Commander with a Fuel Moto map and auto tune and a new cam developed by Woods and Fuel Moto. The cam is either a 22E or 22XE that is brand new and just being released from testing. According to fuel Moto it makes better TQ then the 22X and gives a very smooth power delivery. My goal is strong roll on power and effortless acceleration while still pulling from way down low and smoothly. Any thoughts on this set up? I love my 117’s top end pull but it is not as smooth or happy under 2750 To 3000 RPM as I want for relaxed riding. it’s also very sensitive to throttle inputs and is very jerky when making small throttle movements.

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I have a 2019 CVO Street Glide that I put the Stage III with SE498 Cam, K&N A/C, 4.5" Street Cannon's, Fuelmoto (Jackpot) 2/1/2 headers w/baffle in, Thundermax tuner. This cam pulls really well and runs through town very easy. I would recommend this build without hesitation. I did speak to Fuelmoto for recommendations on a cam and they suggested the 222. If someone can show me a graph that shows a similar rate of pull but more obviously, I'd get that cam but right now I don't dare to touch it.

The dyno results are after a SEPST w/autotune (wide-band) as the first and low pull with the speed limiter still enabled so couldn't get a full pull. The rest are after changing this to the Thundermax. The tune isn't very steady but I think now after I have 1100 miles on it, that graph will be pretty good. If you ping me I'll repost the new one but I have to get time with the tuner and that's hard right now.

Dyno results are as you all know speculative and I think this feels like more than what is listed.

That is one seriously odd looking dyno sheet. Not the numbers but the configuration. Is this a 128 build or a 117 with a cam? My goal is high low end TQ that ramps up slow and carries HP to 5500ish rpm.


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