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Changing Seats

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You can send an existing pad to Corbin for them to match a seat you're buying (or have bought).

Good to know.


--- Quote from: rayson56 on February 16, 2021, 12:28:28 PM ---Good to know.

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Or (at least this has been the case in the past) they will sell you matching material when you buy a saddle and you can have someone local do the work.  I've done both with them.

Beach Bum:
I've had at least 3 Corbin seats on my various Harley's. Although the seats had color specific trim, I've always gone with the Black Corbin color seat.  I have never changed out the backrest and, IMHO, it's a good match.  If you are going with a Corbin color other than black, then you should match the backrest to that color.  Many CVO models come with a logo stitched into the backrest, which sets the bike apart and I'm glad I didn't have to change it out.

Interesting question, with a lot of interesting answers. I’ve had Corbin seats on my last several CVOs. Each time I’ve been concerned with the match between seat and backrest as I am probably a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my bike. All of my seats have been black and while the sewing pattern is different  I have chosen to live with the mismatch. When I put a new seat on my bike I am struck by how much more it weighs and MY CONCERN has always been how much heavier the tour pack will be with a new back rest. While it may seem trivial, I try to keep the tour pak’s weight as low as practical.
I am curious as to how much more weight the  Corbin backrest is. Maybe those that have done the Corbin backrest can share that information with us. Truth is the mismatch still bugs me and I go to the Corbin  website every couple months and consider buying the part anyway. UGH!


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