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2013 CVO Ultra bars


 Can anybody tell me if the yaffee monkey bars in 8" will work on my 2013 CVO and not block the view of the Nav? I'd love to go 10", but pretty sure they would be in the way of the Nav for sure. Anybody have any experience with their bars and the dash mounted Garmin?

8" should be good, especially with your wiring. I have 10" wild 1's and yes they interfere with the GPS. If I adjust the bars more toward me I could use it, but I have them about a 1/2 inch away from it because I have long arms and that was the most comfy. I didn't use my GPS much anyway. That is what my GF is for on the back with her phone. Great navigator! lol

Just an FYI....I have what used to be called "Harley Davidson Touring Pull Backs" (nothing in the parts book no longer called that).   A parts guy told me that they just renamed them.   They are 10" up and 2" back and they do not interfere with my gps.

I know that the grips part of the bars turn differently on the Monkey Bars.

Thanks for the info guys. I definitely need the GPS. We do a lot of touring here in Europe, and it is a must have. I heard the Yaffee bars run a bit taller than advertised, but it seems to me like the 8" are the way for me to go. Can you guys show me some pics of your bars? Thanks.


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