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Here we go! Fuel Moto 128" upgrade

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--- Quote from: rayson56 on June 10, 2021, 05:30:37 PM ---I just dropped my bike off this morning for Thursday's appointment so I'm pretty pumped. It is supposed to be completed this Saturday with a break in tune so I can get some miles on it and the weather is expected to be really nice here this weekend.

Update; it turns out the guys needed more parts, intake seals, new valve springs, and so on, and they FINALLY arrived today. They can get me in on the 17th of June BUT my dyno appointment with Nel's 2 Wheel Dyno Works (supposedly the best around for TTS) is on June 16th, so obviously that wouldn't work. I called to reschedule and the next availability for the dyno work is July 15th! So I rescheduled my build for July 7th.

Hurry up and wait!!

--- End quote ---

Sorry to hear you have to wait longer than expected. Sounds like a great set up, I have a similar FM 128 build but using stock heads and woods cam. Bike runs better than stock and highway MPG is 42-44. FYI, have the builder follow the FM break in procedure. The bike will be ready to ride when you pick it up. No need to wait 500-1,000 miles to enjoy it.
Looking forward to seeing the #s and hearing your impression of the build.

Wow 42-44 MPG? That's awesome. That's the one thing I thought that I would really be giving up is fuel economy.

Fuel Moto break in procedure? Not sure what that is. Is there an instruction sheet in the box that has secrets that an experienced builder would not be familiar with?

Thanks a ton for the input Mofo!

Found it Mofo;

I did a 2,200 mile trip to Panama City FL for bike week. I calculated the fuel mileage at each stop. Mileage ran from a high of 49 (1 tank all interstate) to a low of 31 (1 tank sitting in traffic and having fun with the throttle in town), overall for the trip 42.5 mpg.

Wow...the right tune is obviously imperative. Sounds like a fantastic ride too.

Fuel Moto break-in process, I would call them for specifics but here is the general information. They also provided really good information about maintenance intervals.

Before the tank or plugs are installed, cycle the motor 3 times 10 seconds each. Oil light should go off showing you have oil pressure.

Install tank and plugs. Start motor and let it run until the temperature reaches 165 degrees. Shut it down and let it cool. Repeat two additional times.

Put the bike on the dyno with 10-12% load on the drum. Let it run between 2,600-2,800 RPMs for 30-45 minutes.
Bike is then ready to go... FM provided a canned tune for my bike so it has not been tuned but I wanted a baseline run. Came in at 128/148 and runs really well. I was thinking about having it tuned but based on the performance, fuel economy I think I’ll leave it alone.
It’s a little light in HP compared to some similar builds I’ve seen but it has the H-D 64mm throttle body and manifold because FM was out of the ward manifold when mine was built. Also these numbers are not using the FM dyno and we all know each dyno is a little different.


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