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2017 Street Glide CVO Nightmare

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--- Quote from: Twolanerider on June 05, 2021, 11:40:11 PM ---
Once again I learned something.  Hadn't heard this one before.  So it's an add-on coverage to the add-on coverage?  Is this to cover any SE branded parts added at any time or SE branded packages installed at time of bike purchase?

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The contract comes in a chrome binder...sorry...I couldn't resist  :huepfenlol2:


--- Quote from: mjb765 on June 10, 2021, 04:32:50 PM ---The contract comes in a chrome binder...sorry...I couldn't resist  :huepfenlol2:

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And it's hinges have to replaced every 10k page cycles and they squeak a lot; because.... well, they all do that :nixweiss: ?


--- Quote from: Twolanerider on June 05, 2021, 11:56:20 AM ---You've got multiple issues (sorry for stating the obvious).  It may start with a little unfamiliarity of your own though. 

"Screamin' Eagle" ESP is not a thing.  The extended service plans are a private and separate contracting entity.  It may be a CVO "Screamin" Eagle" bike but the service contract is a separate item. 

And... 2 1/2 months at the dealership?  Was this due to supply issues (not impossible during the last 18 months)?  Or was the dealer really so incompetent that they took that long to fix a bike?  Or are you even sure why it took that long?

And, finally, if the dealer was so problematic to work with the first taking longer than it would take to build a bike from the frame up (only working on weekends) why did you go back to the same shop?  Once bitten twice shy....  Are they the only geographically easy option?  Is there more to the issue?

You don't say what's going on this time or, with any detail, what was going on last time so it's hard to have any significant insights.  If, however, you've had several Twin Cam bikes over the years and this is the only one that's given you issues you may be better off than you expect.  Issues have been common.  Hopefully your ESP is saving you the burden of significant expense but the time you're losing and what that suggest about the diligence and/or skill of the dealership doesn't leave on with warm and fuzzy feelings.

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Was this a new or used bike. Did someone trade it in or a NEW bike the dealership tricked out to sell that sat for 3 years?

This was purchased used at an HD dealership - impeccable maintenance records and the original owner traded the bike in for a new one which I was told he does every two or three years - I’ve been riding all of my life and ALWAYS on an HD - this experience has been a huge disappointment and to be honest I’m tremendously disappointed in HD customer relations who have listened to me but have NOT been helpful whatsoever with the product issues I’m having along with the issues at the previous dealership where parts were not put back after the slumping repair along with the scratches on the rear fender when installing my seat

I took my 2017 CVO limited in for sumping concerns a couple weeks ago.  After tech tore into motor and found multiple issues, ESP has agreed to a new motor.  This was a new to me CVO I bought last Aug., put about 12k miles on it since bought.  Good luck with your bike.


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